How we can help

Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking with little or no withdrawal in one session

Weight Control

Achieved through developing self-understanding among clients and encouraging them to adopt new attitudes, feelings, and behaviours towards life situations. 

Confidence & Self Esteem

Whether you need to develop confidence in yourself, your driving or for a job interview or exam, hypnotherapy is the choice for a growing number of people

Fears & Phobias

Use hypnotherapy to eliminate your fear or phobia (whatever that may be) and learn to respond in a calm, confident manner when faced with your particular unwanted fear or phobia

Stress, anxiety and depression

Hypnotherapy is the body’s natural way of reducing stres and anxiety and helps with depressed mood.  Amanda can help you to overcome ongoing stresses and anxieties and develop your resistance to new worries

Sleep problems

Difficulty getting to sleep?  Waking in the night and unable to get back to sleep?  Hypnotherapy is the perfect solution.  By relaxing the body and mind, hypnotherapy allows you to break the cycle of interrupted sleep

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